We make your house become a masterpiece!

Our highly qualified team is more than professional, they are artists that will give a fascinating appearance to your home.


Kelly T.
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Wonderful experience!!! Pablo and his team could not have been better. They exceeded my expectations on every level. They were always on time, so polite, took everything off my walls and then putit all back!!! The painting is seamless - it looks beautiful. They also had to deal with us being home (working & remote learning), I'm sure we frustrated them but they NEVER showed it. | will be using them again for a few more rooms and in the spring to paint my exterior. | can't wait. Totally professional, fast, well priced and excellent painters! Thank you Pablo!
Ona D.
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Pablo and his team did an outstanding job removing the wallpaper and painting the interior of my house. He was so knowledgeable and meticulous about painting my house and doing some minor repairs along the way.I had him come back to pressure wash the exterior of my house and do some touch up painting on my deck and exterior windows frames. The job was well done. He is an excellent professional who has done work at my house for many years and I would definitely recommend him.
Phillip V.
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I can't say enough good things about Pablo, from the quality of his work to the fairness of his pricing. He had a full team of painters who were all very professional and went to great lengths to keep everything neat and tidy. He even took the time to repair some rot on the outside of the house that I was not aware of. I am very pleased with the entire experience from start to finish.
Vívian M.
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pablo painted my house with an excellent job, the perfect cleaning the preparation of the house was spectacular | recommend this company.
Avery W.
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It went very well they were clean, quick and the prices are reasonable. I would highly recommend them.

We know the difficulties of finding high quality painting services with fair prices

This statement stopped being a problem when P&A Painting changed the concept of painting services in Connecticut for fair prices. With our services, your home will have a unique appearance just like you want, since we have a highly qualified team that is committed to offer the best services to you.

By hiring our services, you guarantee the best result for your space. After all, we work hard every day for you to have the same results as hundreds of families around you. No matter the job: painting, ceiling repair or power wah, our team will do its best to amaze you with the result of our work.

This is what you will find in our services:

A highly trained team

100% efficient services with fair prices

Your space transformation with perfect painting or ceiling repair

A friendly company that is committed to deliver the best services

Our types of services:

Interior Painting

Your space will have an extraordinary look that matches the colors of your furniture, and it will also be safe for years to come against excess water damage and mold.

Exterior Painting

The exterior space of your property will enchant everyone who passes in front of the place, since our painting services are of the highest quality and will give a flawless look to your space.

P&A Painting offers the best solutions for you, for your family and for your home

Deck Painting

With our services, your deck will look beautiful, safe, and completely protected against excess moisture.

Power Wash

Our power washing is strategically performed, not to mention how efficient it is, to the point of renewing the surface of your space, thus eliminating all the dirt, viruses, and bacteria that may be present.

Ceiling Repair and Wall Repair

It is normal for the ceiling or wall of your property to be damaged over time. Fortunately, P&A Painting is at your service in Connecticut to fix your ceiling and restore its beauty.

When you hire our services, your provide a better life for you and for your entire family

This is what our services will provide you:

A beautiful space

Walls protected from excess water damage

A property that has a high value in the real estate market

Better and happier days since your space will be space and cozy

About us

We are not here simply to do a job on your property, but to transform your space into something much better, since it will feel much better to live in a beautiful, comfortable, safe and sophisticated property.

All of the services we provide are performed in a professional, qualified, detailed and safe manner. P&A Painting has been transforming the lives of hundreds of people in Connecticut for many years for the best.

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