Interior Painting

Your space will have an extraordinary look that matches the colors of your furniture, and it will also be safe for years to come against excess water damage and mold.

Exterior Painting

The exterior space of your property will enchant everyone who passes in front of the place, since our painting services are of the highest quality and will give a flawless look to your space.

Deck Painting

With our services, your deck will look beautiful, safe, and completely protected against excess moisture.

Power Washing

Our power washing is strategically performed, not to mention how efficient it is, to the point of renewing the surface of your space, thus eliminating all the dirt, viruses, and bacteria that may be present.

Ceiling Repair and Wall Repair

It is normal for the ceiling or wall of your property to be damaged over time. Fortunately, P&A Painting is at your service in Connecticut to fix your ceiling and restore its beauty.